Passive Solo Hijacker

 Get Paid Up To $144.45 For Every Customer You Send!

Launch Date: March 8th, 2022, 11:45 AM, EST

The timer has expired!

Sales Funnel Information:

Front-End: $17(50%) / DS:$9.95 (100%)

Passive Solo Hijacker is one of my most guarded secrets, that makes me monthly recurring income by using Solo Ads and 'deadbeats' that buy memberships, never logging-in, and keep paying every month, up to 1 year straight, sometimes even longer!

Inside, I show how to automate everything in just a few minutes.

It comes with 4 bonuses:

Bonus #1: Online Startup Bootcamp: Swipe set that gets passive monthly income from the basic tools marketers use such as: Domain, hosting, autoresponder, click management software, getting traffic. If your clients use Aweber, they can even load these swipes at the click of 1 button.

Bonus #2: 1-Click campaign upload: For Aweber users, this bonus will allow them to load the email campaign in 1 click of the mouse. They just need to add their affiliate links, name and picture, which is a major time-saver for your clients.

Bonus #3: Unlimited '1 on 1' support by Michel Sirois via FB or Skype

Bonus #4: Free access to my Solo Ads (And mastermind) group

OTO #1: $27(50%) / $17 (50%)

 'Utilizer' will show your students and clients how to outsource solo ads in a very special way, without even having to build a list...

Your clients and students will be using their clients money to scale-up and profit, making it 100% risk-free for them! 

- With this method, they will also be getting free clicks from their spillover traffic, giving them the possibility to build their own lists and/or get affiliate commissions, without costing them a penny out of their pocket! 

- In time, your clients and students will be able to go from outsourcing Solo ads and getting a cut from their sales, to getting having their own lists to process clicks for their clients and keep 100% of the profits they get! 

- It's the perfect business model for beginners to dip their toes into traffic selling, by going through the process in baby steps!  -

This is what I have been teaching beginners for the last 8 years and because it’s ‘Evergreen’, it still works very well to this day.  -

Inside, I am revealing this exact method to your clients.

- It also comes with 4 high value free bonuses.

OTO #2: $37(50%) / $27 (50%)

Full Throttle Profits is all your students and clients will need to build a HUGE list and get 100+ free leads per day on complete autopilot, by trading traffic with other members of our community.

*** Also comes with 4 Free bonuses

OTO #3: $47(50%)

Facebook Free Traffic Loophole is all your students and clients will need to get free Facebook traffic. It's a simple and SAFE posting method that generates me thousands of dollars to this day!

I've been selling this traffic method privately for the last year or so and I can assure you that those who gets this and do it, will profit!

With this method they can build a list, promote their blogs, affiliate offers and much more!

OTO #4: $97(50%)

'Passive Solo Hijacker' Commission Boost

By upgrading, your clients will be able to get 100% commissions throughout our entire sales funnel



Important: You need to earn 3X or more commissions than the prize amounts listed above to qualify for a prize. For example, if you generate $150 in revenues, you qualify for a prize of $50.




The timer has expired!

I sure hope to have you on board on March 8th, 11:45 AM, EST.

To your success,

Michel Sirois

If you have questions or need support, I am here for you!

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