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Making money online is easy… when you know how to legally Hijack 'UNCLAIMED' passive commissions online... 

But having to work for every dollar can be painful, especially when you can set up a Recurring Payment Machine that legally HIJACKS cash for you… on automation!

I don’t know about you but I hate trading my precious time for money! 

I started my passive income business so I could have MORE TIME on my hands and MORE MONEY in my pocket... 

Otherwise I may as well just get a regular '9 to 5' day-job! 

That’s NOT the goal here, right? We all want MORE TIME and MORE MONEY, would you agree? 

Well I’ve managed to achieve that, and in just a few minutes you will have your hands on our EXCLUSIVE new training that shows you EXACTLY HOW I DO IT!

Leverage the power of the internet by working smart!

My team and I figured a way to set up ONLY 1 Passive Income Machine that pays you day-in, day-out, month-in, month-out, like clockwork.  This leaves us more time to do the things we really like doing in life, knowing that the money will continue flowing in our PayPal accounts regardless where I am or what I'm doing.

Recurring Income ROCKS!

Especially when you can legally hijack 'UNCLAIMED' commissions. This type of leverage allows you to go all sorts of places, doing what you want when you want, doing what you love, with the people you like being with, while knowing that PayPal notifications are pinging your phone each time a sale comes in!

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Let Me Ask You a Question…Are you SICK & TIRED of buying product after product, training after training…and STILL Making NOTHING Online? 

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Have you ever considered just how time-saving it is to do the set-up only ONCE, and get paid OVER AND OVER, MONTH AFTER MONTH? 

Once you know how to collect monthly payments from 'UNCLAIMED' memberships, you immediately begin to FREE UP your time, and your life begins to change for the better. 

You get to work less and make more money at the same time... 

That's the beauty of recurring income after all, would you agree? 

It gives you all the freedom you need and want. Time freedom as well as financial freedom. 

And that there is a very powerful combination if you ask me! 

Just knowing that if you needed to take vacation you’d still get paid, now that's exciting. 

How would YOU like a piece of that sweet pie?

Would having all that extra income make a difference in your life right now? 

I bet even $500 recurring per month of extra income could help pay the bills, right? Month after month, after month, after month...

How about if you started there and slowly scaled it up to $500….$1,000….$2,000 and more? 

But where do you begin? How do you set-up? How do you drive traffic? 

Well my team and I didn’t wake up one morning with thousands of bucks in the bank, coming in on autopilot.

We invested our time. Our money. Our resources. 

We tested, tested and tested some more. And then tested some more, just to be sure it all works without a glitch. We even tried new concepts and new approaches to compare what works best. We spent a lot of money. And then spent some more. 

We got frustrated. And we came close to giving up. 

Then finally…  Everything fell into place...

We had discovered the 1 SECRET to ENSURE we make profits from RECURRING profits!

And I'm About to REVEAL Our Secret Formula, Right Here, Right Now…for a Limited Time, and for the First Time EVER!

Exclusively and for the first time ever, I’ve recorded a set of easy-to-follow videos to show you how you can legally grab 'UNCLAIMED' membership commissions, starting today.


5 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Know About Getting Recurring Sales From Solo Ads

Learn all the steps to master everything in just a few minutes!

Finding High Converting Recurring Offers That Convert To Sales

When you grab 'Passive Solo Hijacker', the first thing I will show you is where to find various types of recurring offers
I will reveal my top 5 favorite 
I will also show you how to get my personal 21 DFY recurring email messages that also includes the links to make your affiliate request - Guaranteed approval
It's 100% Copy/Paste

Setting-Up Your Recurring Lead Capturing Funnel

PART #1: Creating your email list
PART #2: Creating your Email campaign (+ Option to load our 21 swipes with 1 click of the mouse. We will provide you the swipes as a bonus)
PART #3: Creating your opt-in form and lead capturing page
PART #4: How to track your opt-ins and monitor the quality of your traffic
1-Time Set-Up
It's 100% Copy/Paste
Required Time To Set-Up: 15 minutes

Driving Traffic & Predicting Your Recurring Profits In Advance

I will show you how to make a tracking link to track your opt-ins
I will show you 2 different traffic sources you can use to profit fast
I will show you how to predict approximately how much money you will make from the traffic you generate through your lead capturing funnel
It's 100% Copy/Paste

How To 10X Your Recurring Profits By Copy/Pasting Your Way To Financial Freedom

In this module, I will show you exactly how I 10X my recurring profits effortlessly
I will show you how you can generate even more sales from the same leads 
I will also show you how to scale-up 
It's 100% Copy/Paste

An Alternate Method That Builds You Recurring Income Effortlessly

When you grab 'Passive Solo Hijacker', I go the extra mile to show you an alternate method to find more recurring offers
These offers are the freshest you can find online and that will help you get more sales as no one seen them when you promote them
These recurring offers always come with fresh DFY swipes
It's 100% Copy/Paste

If you’ve always imagined yourself living from the recurring income you get from your PayPal account, then I have some exciting news for you! 

In a moment of pure delirium, I decided to put this 5-step training together to show YOU how you can copy and paste my entire business in less than 30 minutes, by LEGALLY Hijacking passive income, day after day, month after month...

I Have More Than 20 Years of Experience in Passive Income and I Guarantee That I Have Never Shared This Before In The Marketplace! 

You're About To Discover A Real Nasty Dirty Secret That Only Membership Site Owners Know, Revealed To You Today!

How would you like to build JUST 1 passive income machine that LEGALLY Hijacks recurring income for you right away?

You can do this in your spare time, WITHOUT EVER CREATING MEMBERSHIP SITES, and before you know it you’ll have recurring income raining in your bank account, while you do other things with your precious time! 

It’s a numbers game, that's all it is! 

So your goal may be different to the next person... But whatever your goal is…you can achieve it by simply applying the 5 tiny steps revealed in Passive Solo Hijacker! 

Take a look at some of my own results…

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If you take action today, you get these 4 fast action bonuses, entirely for free

21 Days Email Campaign That Gets You Passive Commissions On Complete Automation

Everyone who start an online business needs basic tools. So the best way to build passive income and warm-up your list is to educate your subscribers about these tools, while you get recurring monthly commissions for promoting...

Inside this Bonus package you get:

1 'Welcome' Email Message That Educates Your Subscriber To 'Whitelist' Your Email Address
5 Educational Email Swipes (And Soft-Sell) On Getting A Domain & Hosting
6 Educational Email Swipes (And Soft-Sell) On Setting-Up An Autoresponder From Top To Bottom
4 Educational Email Swipes (And Soft-Sell) On Getting A Tracking Software
5 Educational Email Swipes (And Soft-Sell) On Getting 'Done For You' Traffic
A List Of Recurring Affiliate Programs That Matches Your Email Campaign

1-Click Upload DFY Campaign

If you are using Aweber as your autoresponder, you will love this bonus.
It allows you to upload the Bonus #1 campaign with 1 click of the mouse
Simply add your affiliate links, name, picture and you are done
Needless to tell you that this will save you a lot of time setting-up

Unlimited '1 On 1' Support By Michel Sirois

I do not hide behind an email address
I do not hide behind a chat support
I do not let you hanging
At the end of the day, you will get amazing support if I can actually talk to you either via Skype chat or Facebook chat
And I love it when people ask me for support, it shows me you want to succeed and that makes me happy!

Michel Sirois Solo Community & Mastermind

Benefit of Solo Ads discounts
Choose from a variety of Solo Ads Sellers
If you are a traffic seller or become one later, you can post your traffic spots
Get notified of my fresh and upcoming training before the general public
If you have questions or need support related to Solo Ads, feel free to post them and you will get a reply the same day
And much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training about?

'Passive Solo Hijacker' will show you how to build a recurring income machine in less than 30 minutes by using Solo Ads as your main traffic source. I will walk you through each step to legally Hijack 'UNCLAIMED' membership commissions, by giving you the ULTIMATE secret that ONLY membership site owners like me know, which in return can make you a lot of monthly recurring commissions.

For who is this training for?  Is it 'beginner-friendly'?

A: Yes it is totally beginner-friendly. It's for anyone who can copy/paste and follow a few simple instructions. It's for people who want to get recurring commissions each month in their PayPal or bank account by using leverage and automation.

Will I need to create a membership site?

NO, not at all. You have nothing to create. You just need to copy over my shoulder during the video training (5 Simple steps) and you will be set-up in less than 30 minutes, ready to start getting recurring commissions on complete automation.

Do I need to buy traffic for this to work?

This course is about making monthly recurring profits from Solo Ads. Logically, you should be buying Solo Ads... to make profits from Solo ads... Inside the training area, you can get low-cost discounted traffic packages from me, but in all honesty, you can get your traffic anywhere you want with this system.

Will I need to buy '1 time offers' for this to work?

No. This training is ALL YOU NEED to SUCCEED with this UNKNOWN METHOD.

Do you offer “1 on 1” assistance to ENSURE success?

TOTALLY. Michel Sirois will guide you when you have questions and work with you “1 On 1” to get you through the next step, each time you need it. The fact that Michel is so hands-on with his students is what makes his coaching program successful…

Is there anything unethical or immoral for using this money-making method?

No, not at all. Everything shown in this training is legal, moral and ethical, guaranteed.

How do I get paid?

By PayPal or other. It depends... You will promote different types of recurring offers. That's what makes this training so good. You can promote any recurring offer you want. It's the method that will make the difference.

How can I get instant access?

By clicking the button below right now

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Michel Sirois

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