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Making money online is easy… when you know how to turn Solo Ads Into Profit...

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Using videos as a marketing strategy is gaining a lot of traction across businesses of all sizes, including entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Videos help businesses increase:     

- Brand awareness by 70%     

- Traffic by 51%     

- Sales by 34% 

The outcome is quite amazing, isn’t it? 

The key to their popularity lies in their relative ease to engage with both prospects and clients across multiple platforms. 

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are increasingly using videos to attract, convert, and retain new customers with great success.

Videos boost conversions and sales
Videos show great ROI
Videos build trust
Videos appeal to mobile users
Videos can explain everything in detail
Videos Engage even the laziest buyers
Videos can be used to Get leads, pre-sell/ sell any type of offers/products/training


I don't think I need to tell you just how important videos are when it comes to online marketing... especially if your goal is to educate, pre-sell or sell stuff online...

But not many people have the time or skills to make attractive videos for every promotion they do...

And I get it, I don't like making videos either... and this is why I use other people's videos by embedding them to my own marketing.

Like that I can convey the information I need, in video format, without making the videos myself!

By combining the 'power of video' with Solo Ads, you cannot 'not make money' because you are using the lowest cost of traffic, while letting OTHER PEOPLE'S VIDEOS do the educating, the pre-selling and selling for you...

The method you are about to access does not require any work from you... It's ALL copy/pasting... and setting-up 1 time, in less than 30 minutes... Then it's all about getting leads and letting the automation do its thing!

Now, I don’t know how you feel about it, but I like saving time when I set-up income systems...

I truly hate trading my precious time for money! 

I started my Solo Ads business so I could have MORE TIME on my hands and MORE MONEY in my pocket... 

Otherwise I may as well just get a regular '9 to 5' day-job, right?

...I mean... we all want MORE TIME and MORE MONEY, would you agree? 

So this is why I think you will love my NEW & EXCLUSIVE training that shows you EXACTLY HOW I PROFIT BY USING SOLO ADS AND OTHER PEOPLE'S VIDEOS!

Exclusively and for the first time ever, I’ve recorded a set of easy-to-follow videos that shows you how you can profit online by using Solo Ads and other people's videos for Maximum Conversions and Profits, starting today...


5 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need To Know About Getting Sales From Solo Ads & Using Youtube Embedded Videos

Learn all the steps to master everything in just a few minutes!

Finding The Right, 'Done For You' High Quality Videos You Can Embed Via Youtube, That Will Help You Convert Cold Leads Into Red-Hot Buyers

When you grab 'Solo Ads Embeds', the first thing I will show you is how to find the right types of videos you can use, to get people ENGAGED in what ever you are promoting
I will show you the 8 best niches, with 8 examples, in which it works best, for you to make maximum profits
It's 100% Copy/Paste

Setting-Up Your  Lead Capturing Funnel

PART #1: Creating your email list with my video embedding method
PART #2: Uploading your Email campaign
PART #3: Creating your opt-in form and lead capturing page
PART #4: How to track your opt-ins and monitor the quality of your traffic
1-Time Set-Up
It's 100% Copy/Paste
Required Time To Set-Up: 15-20 minutes

Driving Traffic To Get Leads And Make Profits

I will show you how to make a tracking link to track your opt-ins
I will show you 2 different Solo traffic sources you can use to profit fast
It's 100% Copy/Paste
Required Time To Set-Up: 3 minutes

How To 10X Your Profits By Copy/Pasting Your Way To Financial Freedom

In this module, I will show you exactly how I 10X my video embedding profits effortlessly
I will show you how you can generate even more sales from the same leads 
I will also show you how to scale-up 
It's 100% Copy/Paste

An Alternate Method That Gets You Even More Sales, Effortlessly

When you grab 'Solo Ads Embeds', I go the extra mile to show you an alternate method to make even more sales
This trick can also be used in your in your email campaign and in your email broadcasts
I could have made this part of the training a separate '1-time offer', but I prefer giving you all the edge you need 'right from the get-go', so you can profit as soon as today!
I can assure you that you will thank me later for showing you this untold method
It's 100% Copy/Paste

If you’ve always imagined yourself living the 'internet lifestyle', then I have some exciting news for you! 

I decided to put this 5-step training together to show YOU how you can copy and paste my entire business in less than 30 minutes, by using other people's videos to profit online...

I Have More Than 20 Years of Online Experience  and I Guarantee That I Have Never Shared This Before In The Marketplace! 

You're About To Discover The Ultimate Method That Saves Me Time And Puts More Money In My Pocket Each Time I Do It!

How would you like to build JUST 1 POWERFUL INCOME MACHINE that generates income for you right away?

You can do this in your spare time, WITHOUT EVER CREATING WEBSITES, and before you know it you’ll have payment after payment raining in your bank account, while you do other things with your precious time! 

So your goal may be different to the next person... But whatever your goal is…you can achieve it by simply applying the 5 tiny steps revealed in Solo Ads Embeds! 

And Just Like Me, You Can Work Smart, Not Hard!

Especially when you can legally copy/paste other people's email campaigns and videos, to build your business at light speed!

This type of LEVERAGE and AUTOMATION allows you to save tons of time and let's you focus on essential stuff like getting leads that see and buy what you are promoting...

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It's 100% copy/paste

7 Days Email Campaign That Gets You Sales On Complete Automation

When you grab 'Solo Ads Embeds', you also get the complete promotional email campaign I personally use to sell 'Solo Ads Embeds'.
This bonus is useful if you want to generate commissions by selling 'Solo Ads Embeds' as an affiliate because you don't need to write your swipes from scratch, making it copy/paste for you.
If you plan on promoting 'Solo Ads Embeds', this will save you lots of time...
It's 100% copy/paste

Unlimited '1 On 1' Support By Michel Sirois

I do not hide behind an email address
I do not hide behind a chat support
I do not let you hanging
At the end of the day, you will get amazing support if I can actually talk to you either via Skype chat or Facebook chat
And I love it when people ask me for support, it shows me you want to succeed and that makes me happy!

Michel Sirois Solo Community & Mastermind

Benefit of Solo Ads discounts
Choose from a variety of Solo Ads Sellers
If you are a traffic seller or become one later, you can post your traffic spots
Get notified of my fresh and upcoming training before the general public
If you have questions or need support related to Solo Ads, feel free to post them and you will get a reply the same day
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training about?

'Solo Ads Embeds' will show you how to build a high converting email list by using other people's videos, in less than 30 minutes, by using Solo Ads as your main traffic source. I will walk you through each step to profit from this super high converting method.

For who is this training for?  Is it 'beginner-friendly'?

A: Yes it is totally beginner-friendly. It's for anyone who can copy/paste and follow a few simple instructions. It's for people who want to PROFIT by using LEVERAGE and AUTOMATION.

Will I need to create a website?

NO, not at all. You have nothing to create. You just need to copy over my shoulder during the video training (5 simple steps) and you will be set-up in less than 30 minutes, ready to start getting commissions on complete automation.

Do I need to buy traffic for this to work?

This course is about making monthly recurring profits from Solo Ads. Logically, you should be buying Solo Ads... to make profits from Solo ads... Inside the training area, you can get low-cost discounted traffic packages from me, but in all honesty, you can get your traffic anywhere you want with this system.

Will I need to buy '1 time offers' for this to work?

No. This training is ALL YOU NEED to SUCCEED with this UNKNOWN METHOD.

Do you offer “1 on 1” assistance to ENSURE success?

TOTALLY. Michel Sirois will guide you when you have questions and work with you “1 On 1” to get you through the next step, each time you need it. The fact that Michel is so hands-on with his students is what makes his coaching program successful…

How do I get paid?

By PayPal or other. It depends... You will promote different types of recurring offers. That's what makes this training so good. You can promote any recurring offer you want. It's the method that will make the difference.

How can I get instant access?

By clicking the button below right now

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