Discover How To Get Free Solo Ads Clients, Free Solo Ads Clicks & Affiliate Sales Without Having To Build An Email List Or Have A Traffic Network!


How is your traffic? Do you have any? Have you been struggling to get leads that BUY?

You probably realized by now that Google Ads and Facebook ads are too costly for 'Internet Marketing' stuff...

You probably realized that free traffic methods are not as effective as marketers claim...

Maybe you even tried every traffic method known to man so far?

What-ever your reason is, I get it... I've been there too in the beginning of my online journey, many times, believe me...


- As of lately, people are going back to 'Solo Ads', due to the low cost of clicks I would assume...

What are Solo Ads Exactly?

- Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email list owners. They're typically sent as dedicated emails – so the entire message is all about your offer. While other businesses can make use of solo ads, they're most popular among affiliates and information marketers, in niches such as: 'Make money online', 'Biz Op', 'MLM', 'Software', 'Personal development', 'get traffic', just to name a few...

Now, if you are not using 'solo ads' as your traffic source and never heard of me yet, let me introduce myself:

My name is Michel Sirois and I've been using Solo Ads as my main traffic source since 2014.

And through the process, I became a Solo Ads seller that many people look-up to!

Throughout the years, I've created many Solo Ads coaching programs via Warrior Plus...

- And today I am releasing my first PLR product about Solo Ads.

- I will show you how you can completely avoid traffic costs, get free Solo Ads clicks, make profits on each Solo Ad clients you get and get affiliate commissions on any affiliate offer you may want to promote...

- This training will help complete beginners get FREE leads, get sales, and you could be making money as soon as today if you take action now!


Today You Get My 'Solo Ads Profitz' Training!

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Free Solo Ads Clients, Free Solo Ads Clicks & Affiliate Sales, Without Having To Build A List Or A Traffic Network

Learn all the steps to master everything in just a few minutes!

Module #1: The Method Overview

When you grab 'Solo Ads Profitz', the first thing I will go over with you is the method overview
I will show you the basic blocks you will be setting-up only 1 time, in less than 15-30 minutes
I will show you how you will be making money with this traffic/profit system, WITHOUT EVER SPENDING A SINGLE DIME OUT OF YOUR POCKET FOR TRAFFIC
This method does not require you to build an email list or a traffic network if you don't want to, but you can
... And you NEVER run out of traffic by using this money-making method - GUARANTEED!

Module #2: The 'Step-By-Step' Video Training

How to find Solo Ads clients for FREE, that have VALID credit cards and PAYPAL accounts, ready to buy clicks
How to get these Solo Ads clients to come to you
How to create 3 little copy/paste ads in less than 5 minutes, that you will be using over and over to get clients
How to use your client’s money to cover their Solo Ads costs + how to take profits for yourself
How to get free Solo Ads clicks for yourself so you can get paid affiliate commissions by promoting any affiliate offer you want
How to deliver your client’s clicks without having a traffic network of your own
Additional profit method: How to get even more FREE Solo Ads clients

But it doesn't end there...

If you take action today, you will also get these 6 bonuses, entirely for free

Bonus #1: PLR License  (Includes PLR rights to all the 8 training videos + the 8 preview videos) - MP4 Format
Bonus #2: All the graphics - PNG Transparent Format
Bonus #3: 'Done For You' Sales letter (1,340 Words) - Word Doc Format
Bonus #4: 3 'Done For You' High converting lead capturing page headlines - Notepad Format
Bonus #5: 5 'Done For You' Promo swipes - Notepad Format
Bonus #6: 6 'Done For You' Promo banners - PNG Transparent Format

Here Is What You Can Do With This PLR Package:

Private Label Rights


Can claim full authorship
Can be rebranded/edited
Can be sold
Can be bundled with other paid products
Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
Can give away for free in exchange of leads or for training purposes
Can be used as content for YOUR own website
Can be added to paid membership sites
Can be offered through auction sites
Can sell (RR, PLR, MRR) rights, ONLY IF the name of the product is completely different (The graphic designs must also be different)

Throughout this course, we will demonstrate each step you'll need to take, to ensure you maximize your profits by using Solo Ads, WITHOUT EVER COSTING YOU A PENNY OUT OF YOUR POCKET!  

You know... you can have the nicest offer in the world, but if no one sees it, you are doomed to failure!

This is why traffic is so important!

But the problem is that most traffic sources are expensive, leaving all the profit potential out of the equation => BUT the 'Solo Ads Profitz' method solves this problem because it will NEVER cost you a single penny out of your pocket!

This training is totally ideal for beginners!

And please hurry because I' am practically giving it away today! This PLR offer is EXTREMELY LIMITED! 

So don't wait and get 'Solo Ads Profitz' below right now for less than the price of a Big Mac!

Get The Complete 'Solo Ads Profitz' Training & 6 Free 'High Value' Bonuses Right Now

The Course: 'Solo Ads Profitz' method & training
Bonus #1: PLR License (For the training videos + the preview videos) - MP4 Format
Bonus #2: All the graphics - PNG Transparent Format
Bonus #3: 'Done For You' Sales letter (1,340 Words) - Word Doc Format
Bonus #4: 3 'Done For You' High converting lead capturing page headlines - Notepad Format
Bonus #5: 5 'Done For You' Promo swipes - Notepad Format
Bonus #6: 6 'Done For You' Promo banners - PNG Transparent Format

Real World Value: $997

Retail Value: $97

Click the button below now, grab your copy + the 6 free bonuses and you'll get instant access!


Your Questions Answered

Is the 'Solo Ads Profitz' for beginners?

YES! This course has been created for complete beginners. If you have a domain and a hosting account, this will be really easy for you to succeed and profit!

How long does it take to set-up?

It will only take about 30 minutes to set-up if you follow the training and do the steps at the same time.

Do I need to buy traffic for this to work?

This course is about making profits from Solo Ads. Logically, you should be buying Solo Ads... to make profits from Solo ads... Inside the training area, you can get low-cost discounted traffic packages from me, but in all honesty, you can get your traffic anywhere you want with this system.

Do you offer support when I need?

For sure. If you have questions, feel free to contact me from the training area, where I added my personal contact information.

Is This Method Scalable?

Totally! You can start with a really low budget. This is why Solo Ads are so appealing to people! You can start an online business and get traffic to it for just a few bucks. Then you can scale-it-up with your profits.

How can I get instant access?

By clicking the button below right now

Get the training & 6 free bonuses now for only...

This special limited-time offer will not last long.  Grab my full course and the 6 free bonuses now and be on your way to success

See you inside,

Michel Sirois

Avid Solo Ads user & traffic seller since 2014

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